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Hello there DA-ers. It’s another round of convention reviews. This time, we have GlitchCon in Springdale, Arkansas. I was a guest there along with my :iconcospod: podcast co-host Amber, aka Titania Cosplay, and for our first time out as a pair we were impressed by the convention and surprised that people knew who the heck we were. No really. It still amazes me to hear people watch our podcast. We get over 25 thousand views a month and I’m in awe of it. People watch us…I still don’t know why.


Anyway! We attended as cosplay and media guests to run a few panels, film some stuff, and judge the cosplay contest. We also got a table. More on that in a moment.


For the first time, my Runway panel/Acting Out was NOT held on a Sunday. Joy! It was on a Friday and people could use the wisdom I have imparted onto them in the cosplay contest the next day. And they did! You have no idea how thrilled I was to see at least 5 of the contestants from the panel the previous day utilizing the material. Usually I never get to see the results from attendees, and now I have! It’s a reward in itself to see your students lean and showing off their skills. :D


The rest of the day was spent assisting in panels and meeting the faces of the con. It’s a smaller convention, I’d be surprised if there were more than 1,000 people that attended. It comes with its own quirks. The relaxing atmosphere makes it easier to walk around and talk to people throughout the day. You’ll have 5 different conversations with the same group, and it’s always an enjoyable experience. You get to see a wider variety of content (that sounds odd, I know, but most larger conventions have a single topic they focus on. GlitchCon reminded me of All-Con with a sprinkle of everything geeky). And in general, it’s more laid back. There’s less stress. Less fussing. More fun. Sometimes you need that in a convention.


Saturday was the big day for us: cosplay contest. My new camera got a work-out with the hotel lighting (why does every hotel insist on the horrid yellow light fixtures?) as we went through pre-judging. There were a variety of costumes, and I was surprised to see how many people had mentioned that it was their first time entering a contest. A number of them got bumped up in categories because of their craftsmanship.


We also had a unique set of judging sheets that I had not seen before. We were able to leave feedback for contestants so that if they wanted to, they could review our notes for future reference on how to improve their costumes. I wish more conventions did this. It did take a bit of time, and I felt really bad that we had to take longer to judge costumes because of it. But wow. I would be willing to wait longer for judging sheets if I knew I would get feedback. Most costume contents never provide this to competitors. And it’s rare that judges stay after a contest has ended to talk because by then we’re tired and we just want to lie down for a few minutes, and then go eat dinner. So, other cosplay contests! If you can make this work, do it! Contestants want to know what the judges are thinking! We want to improve our costumes and acting!


So our day pretty much consumed of the cosplay contest, but there was still time to wander around, check out the dealer’s room, and talk to vendors about the convention. The contest itself only lasted an hour, and wow they were right on time in handling it. Seriously…cosplay contests at anime conventions…you could learn from this. It was fun! Great MC, an entertaining half-time show, and lots of surprised costumers for their awards. You all earned them, and hopefully next year they have more to hand out!


The evening was spent having a nice dinner, and proceeding to kick Velvet Rose Cosplay’s butt at Mario Kart Wii. With the Wii Remote, which if you all know with MKWii, that can be a challenge. :) Yes I’m rubbing in my awesome MK skills.

 glitch14-153  I know this is Super Mario World. This was before I had to play. :p

Sunday was fairly easy-going. Last day. Time to pack up and go. We had a cosplay guest Q&A panel, where we talked about how to survive the zombie apocalypse. Good times!


Overall, it was a fun, easy-going convention. We really appreciate the con taking us in as guests, and we hope we fulfilled our duties well.


And about that table, we brought DVD’s of a few :iconcospod: episodes, along with business cards and flyers for ScribbCrib (an eBook independent publishing venture I’m apart of). By Saturday morning, our table was empty and I’m already ordering new business cards. I was astonished! But hey, free is free, right? I hope people enjoy the selection. :D


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